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LuxuryPropertyDanang.com is a professional real estate services provider and property consultant based in Da Nang, Viet Nam

We serve our customers by facilitating buy/sell transactions of luxury property in Central Vietnam, mainly in areas in and around Da Nang, Hoi An, Lang Co and Hue.

Number 1 source of Luxury Property in Da Nang!

LuxuryPropertyDanang.com was established to meet the needs of the real estate industry in Da Nang and central Vietnam by bringing together the most talented local experts and experienced foreign professionals. We provide our clients with the highest quality customer service, innovative advice and most importantly – top results.

Our vast experience, well-respected reputation and strong, long-term relationships keep us at the forefront of the real estate industry.

From beachfront villas to ocean view penthouse apartments and luxury hotels, with over 10 years of experience, we offer widest portfolio of properties for sale in Da Nang, Vietnam.

Your success is our goal.

We work with individuals and companies who regard us as their real estate agents and consultants as well as with those whose resources we supplement. Whatever the requirement might be, we provide a tailor-made, personal service at the highest standards.

Resourcefulness, attention to detail and honesty are key in our relationship with clients. Our experience and knowledge combined with our professional network of contacts enable us to offer a comprehensive service with client’s success and full satisfaction as our ultimate goal.

Our client list consists of HNW (Hign-Net-Worth) international individuals who are after investing in the most luxurious properties out there as well as companies including resort and hotel developers who have benefited from the wealth of our experience and knowledge.

We work with a broad range of businesses involved in the real estate, development, hospitality, and investment sectors.

We serve our clients

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    Buyer Representation

    We assist and advise various types of individual and institutional investors on acquiring real estate in Da Nang.

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    Top Properties For Sale

    Oceanview Apartments, 5* Condominiums and luxury Beachfront Villas for sale in Da Nang for foreign buyers and local investors.

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    Consulting and Advisory

    We work with a wide range of companies in the real estate, development, hospitality and investment sectors, providing services such as market research, real estate/land valuations, feasibility, development advice and more.

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    M&A Services

    We analyze and consult on individual properties, existing developments, opportunities and locations. Beachfront Resorts and Hotels available for sale / acquisition.

  • Mr. Peter Frieske

    Mr. Peter Frieske

    Managing Director

    e-mail: peter.frieske@cvr.com.vn

    Office: 0236 365 1839

    Mobile: +84 (0) 934 891 746

  • Mr. Austin Weyers

    Mr. Austin Weyers

    Deputy Director

    e-mail: austin.weyers@cvr.com.vn

    Office: 0236 365 1839

    Mobile: +84 (0) 868326923

  • Ms. Angie VanElsacker

    Ms. Angie VanElsacker

    Creative Director

    e-mail: angie.vanelsacker@cvr.com.vn

    Office: 0236 365 1839

  • Amy VanElsacker

    Amy VanElsacker

    Marketing Director

    e-mail: amy.vanelsacker@cvr.com.vn

    Office: 0236 365 1839

    Mobile: +84342447149

  • Mr. Hieu Nguyen

    Mr. Hieu Nguyen

    Sales Director

    e-mail: hieu.nguyen@cvr.com.vn

    Office: 0236 365 1839

    Mobile: +84 (0)778 948 949

  • Ms. Trang Kieu

    Ms. Trang Kieu

    Leasing Director

    e-mail: trang.kieu@cvr.com.vn

    Office: 0236 365 1839

    Mobile: +84 (0) 905 494 682

  • Ms. Huong Vo

    Ms. Huong Vo

    Sales Manager

    e-mail: huong.vo@cvr.com.vn

    Office: 0236 365 1839

    Mobile: +84 (0) 905 008 198

  • Ms. Dung Nguyen

    Ms. Dung Nguyen

    Senior Sales Agent

    e-mail: dung.nguyen@cvr.com.vn

    Office: 0236 365 1839

    Mobile: +84 (0) 70 264 7837

  • Ms. Hoa Ngo

    Ms. Hoa Ngo

    Executive Accountant

    e-mail: hoa.ngo@cvr.com.vn

    Office: 0236 365 1839

  • Ms. Ha Nguyen

    Ms. Ha Nguyen

    Executive Secretary

    e-mail: ha.nguyen@cvr.com.vn

    Office: 0236 365 1839

    Mobile: 0905497221

  • Ms. Quyen Bui

    Ms. Quyen Bui

    Marketing Manager

    e-mail: quyen.bui@cvr.com.vn

    Office: 0236 365 1839

    Mobile: +84 (0) 981 258 156

  • Ms. Trang Le

    Ms. Trang Le

    Commercial Real Estate Manager

    e-mail: trang.le@cvr.com.vn

    Office: 0236 365 1839

    Mobile: +84(0)912690073

  • Ms. Hoa Thanh

    Ms. Hoa Thanh

    Real Estate Agent

    e-mail: hoa.thanh@cvr.com.vn

    Office: 0236 365 1839

    Mobile: +84 (0) 935 335 166

  • Uyen


    Leasing Agent

    e-mail: uyen.le@cvr.com.vn

    Office: +84 (0)236 365 1839

    Mobile: +84 905 848 545

  • Ms. Hoang Le

    Ms. Hoang Le

    Leasing Agent

    e-mail: hoang.le@cvr.com.vn

    Office: 0236 365 1839

    Mobile: +84 (0) 764013676

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