Why Da Nang Remains Attractive for Foreign Real Estate Investors – 2021

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Why Da Nang Remains Attractive for Foreign Investors – 2021

In  a recent article, an expert from Vietnam Briefing – solid source for information on business and economic landscape in Vietnam published since 2009, brings attention to Why Da Nang Remains Attractive for Foreign Investorswhich directly ties to the question of Why Invest In Real Estate In Da Nang?

While you don’t have to convince us – it’s great to see Da Nang continues to be seen as one of the most attractive destinations for not only living but also doing business in Vietnam. This of course is also related to strong performance of the Real Estate Market in Da Nang and the growth in the number of property projects offering apartments and villas for sale.

With Da Nang being the focal point of Central Vietnam – the whole region and especially neighboring areas such as Hoi An, Quang Nam, Lang Co and Hue – can all benefit from and add to the attractiveness of Da Nang.

Article does a good job on examining Da Nang’s top four growth drivers and competitive industries underlining the reasons why it remains an attractive investment destination:


    Mix of pristine beaches, clean streets and low cost of living compared with other main cities make Da Nang top city to live in Vietnam
  2. LABOR

    Young and dynamic workforce with largest concentration of schools and universities in Central Vietnam

    Being a local transportation Hub and enjoying newer infrastructure than HCMC or Hanoi, Da Nang is home to the third busiest and very modern International Airport.

    As a separate city-province with all of the above advantages, Da Nang serves an entry gate to neighboring provinces of Central Vietnam, especially Quang Nam with famous Hoi An and Thua Thien-Hue.

    While Real Estate market of Da Nang isn’t mentioned directly in the article – it is also an important element of local economy and so we would add its growth and development as another important driver of growth:

    Strong cities have strong real estate markets and that is also the case in Da Nang. While in earlier phases and on a different scale compared to HCMC or Hanoi, Da Nang’s real estate market is showing steady growth!

Da Nang continues to lead the Central Coast Region as per the The Provincial Competitiveness Index, taking overall 5th position nationwide and taking that into account, author lists some of the most competitive industries of Da Nang including:

Tourism, Logistics, Retail, Education, IT and Hi-tech manufacturing.

Even though the property market has been affected by this year’s difficulties resulting in lower transaction volumes and certain price discounts, some segments like the industrial real estate in Da Nang, are growing fast.

In the residential and holiday property segment, new real estate projects in Da Nang and Hoi An offering apartment and villas for sale in Da Nang and Hoi An are preparing to launch (example from the coast with villas for sale in Hoi An), as we look forward towards improvement in the end of 2021 and strong recovery in 2022!

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You can see the original article by Vietnam Briefing here:https://www.vietnam-briefing.com/news/why-da-nang-remains-attractive-for-foreign-investors.html/